The Outreach Realty Mortgage Readiness Program (MRP) is changing lives!!

We’ll work with you to become a homeowner regardless of your credit score, income or living situation!!

…if you want real results and not just talk and the same old runaround. The mortgage readiness program works and got me and my family in our first home. Just celebrated our 1yr as homeowners❤

– Martiese Williams-Saulsbury, MRP Client

No Excuses


Program Information and Cost

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100. All participants are to pay a monthly fee via automatic debit for the entire length of time that they are in the program. The program is individualized depending on the client’s needs; therefore, the length of time needed to complete the program varies. Monthly rates are determined by the client’s location and family discount packages are available. The breakdown of costs is outlined below.

Registration is on an individual basis, and fees are paid as such. Registrations will not be processed until both payments have been completed (Registration Fee + first month payment).

An email confirmation will be sent to you and you will receive access to your secure portal within 48 business hours. Please log in and set up your portal once you receive the email link from us. You will be required to e-sign consent and upload a few forms.

Registration Fee non-refundable


CT Resident Monthly Payment


Outside of CT Monthly Payment


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