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We are on a national mission to close the wealth gap by helping families create wealth and equity through homeownership. People all across America are getting in position to do their part, whether that is creating that wealth for their families, referring another family, or helping those families get into homes. To make a large scale impact, we must work in unity.

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It’s heart breaking to know that in 2020, The Black home ownership rate is less than in 1968 when Housing discrimination was legal!.

My Team And I Have Been Working Tirelessly At Our Collective Real Estate Solution To Fast Track Black Ownership In Many Cases As Fast As 90-days, 1,000 Families At At Time!.

We Are On A Mission To Close The Wealth Gap Using The Same Thing That Created It, Real Estate!!

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We are looking to partner with Licensed Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Professionals to be represented in all 50 States, who understand the power of Real Estate and understand the big picture to close the systematic wealth gap.

Registration fee of $99 will be due upon acceptance