Here are some common questions about Elegant.

Is 1,000 Black Families the right program for me?

If you desire to purchase a home and are not ready yet, then YES this program is for you! We will see you through the action plan, and guide you to home ownership. 

Is there a fee for the program?

There is a registration fee and a monthly fee for all participants.
Registration for all participants is $100, and non-refundable.
Monthly fee for in state participants is $65 and out of state is $85. All participants subscribe to the monthly fee via PayPal, and it is automatically deducted each month. This is a requirement.

How long will it take to purchase a home?

Each of our clients has a different starting point, so while we cannot give you an exact length of time. However, we can give you an estimate at your first appointment. We ask that all of our clients be committed to the program and complete their tasks in a timely manner, so that with each appointment you are getting closer to your goal.

What happens when I complete the program?

Once you complete your action plan, we will connect you with top Mortgage Brokers to discuss the best mortgage product for you. The Broker will review your financials and issue your pre-approval. Then your home search can begin

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