The Story of
1000 Black Families


Our mission is to help close the longstanding, systemic wealth gap by creating generational wealth opportunities and fast tracking the homeownership process for families.

Our 1,000 Black Families initiative was created to close the long standing systemic wealth gap, that has perpetuated poverty, generation after generation.

In 1964, a bill was proposed to outlaw racial discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of a home. For years, this bill has been denied and debated and was only passed after a week of riots following the assisnation of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr,. This legislation is now known as the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and stands as one of the greatest legislative achievements of the Civil Rights era.

Although discriminatory real estate practices have been banned for over 50 years, there are still disparities in homeownership as a result and the lack of homeownership is the largest impetus of the Wealth Gap and Generational Poverty.

The purpose of this initiative is to close the wealth gap by using the same means to create it, HOMEOWNERSHIP.

We are 400 years behind in the wealth gap, therefore, we must fast track our process. We no longer are waiting for the ‘40 acres and a mule’ promise.

We must work together, with Determination, Focus,and with our strong mission to break from systemic economic oppression by becoming homeowners, 1,000 families at a time.

About The Founder

The 1,000 Black Families Home Ownership Program was founded by Roberta Hoskie. She strongly encourages and believes in the power of homeownership to create generational wealth and close the wealth gap. The first property she purchased as a 1st time home buyer, yielded her over a quarter of a million dollars, changing her entire life. She used real estate as a method to break what she calls the “poverty curse”. In 2019, Her book, The Poverty Curse Broken: The Hoskie Story, chronicles her journey from being a poverty plagued, inner-city teenage statistic to a successful Real Estate Broker, Investor, Entrepreneur and Founder of an International Sisterhood.

To expand her message, Roberta desired to create an opportunity for black families to close the wealth gap by way of homeownership. She understands the obstacles and challenges that many Families face on the road to homeownership; such as credit, money and debt to name a few. Therefore, she created homeownership solutions through her 1,000 Black Families initiative, to not only solve the problems but to fast track the process; in many cases in as little as 90 days.

Helping Families Create Wealth

1,000 Black Families gives each participant the chance to fasttrack the goal of homeownership through education. We created a customized strategic action plan that includes such potential benefits as one-on-one financial counseling, homeowner education, and 1% back at closing!

1,000 Black Families requires strategic collaboration to begin to eradicate the systemic oppression that black families have faced for generations. That is why we are looking to use the power of group economics to redirect and revamp the housing industry in the black community. Connecting with like minded industry professionals to create a pipeline of services will allow us to swiftly increase homeownership in our communities. The time is now and with our cohesive movement, we will be change agents in the wealth accumulation amongst black families through home ownership!