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Fast Track Your Home Ownership

Closing the wealth gap 1,000 Black Families at a time.

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We will make your dream of home ownership become a reality – REGARDLESS of your CURRENT CREDIT SCORE!

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We are on a national mission to CLOSE THE WEALTH GAP by helping families CREATE WEALTH AND EQUALITY through homeownership.

People all across America are getting in position to do their part, whether that is creating that wealth for their families, referring another family, or helping those families get into homes.

To make a large scale impact, we must work in unity. 

How will you join the Movement?

  • Become a Client
  • Become an Affiliate
  • Become a Real Estate Partner

It’s heart breaking to know that in 2020, The Black home ownership rate is less than in 1968 when Housing discrimination was legal!.


Our mission is to help close the longstanding, systemic wealth gap by creating generational wealth opportunities by fast tracking the homeownership process for families.


The Black homeownership rate is currently lower than what it was in 1968, back when housing discrimination was legal
17% of the Black homeownership gap can’t be explained by identifiable factors
Homeownership is lower for Black college graduates than for white high school dropouts
If the Black homeownership rate were the same today as it was in the year 2000
America would have 770,000 additional Black homeowners
Can I participate in the initiative if I do not have a social security number?

Unfortunately, a comprehensive credit report from all 3 bureaus is needed to participate. This report can only be retrieved from the bureaus with a social security number.

How soon will I be able to buy a house?

Housing Counselors will need a complete credit report, as well as a Client’s full financial status, including savings and budget, to determine a Buyer’s purchase timeline. We are unable to give a definitive time, however, it is our goal to assist 1000 Black Families into their new homes within 90 days of starting the program.

Are there additional charges for the program?

There may be additional charges, depending on a client’s action plan. Action plans will be determined at the initial consultation.

Is this program for black people only?

No, this program is for person or family regardless of race or ethnicity who wants to create generational wealth through homeownership.

If I join this program with other family members do we each have to register individually?

Co-buyers may need to register for the program individually, depending on their financial status. If you will be purchasing with another person please provide this information when registering, as well as having their credit scores for your initial consultation.

I am currently unemployed, does it make sense to join this program?

A stable source of income is required to acquire a mortgage.

Am I guaranteed to qualify for a mortgage if I join this program?

Mortgage qualification is not guaranteed. Your success will be dependent on your willingness to take on the challenge of implementing the action plan and taking the necessary steps to become the homeowner that you desire to be.

What is the refund policy?

1000 Black Families believes that this program works when properly completed. We have a no refund policy due to our beliefs.

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